Saturday, June 16, 2012

I need help

I need help so much my highs and lows are so bad that I can barely hang on anymore. I would give anything to cut to have the feeling the razor running across my skin the blood seeping out the numbness that comes. I want that but I have promises but fuck do I want to fucking break that promise so bad.

I haven't gotten out of bed all day that's how bad I'm getting I go to work when I have to and come back home to my bed. I hate that I'm like this. I'm going to the movies later with my sister to see snow white and the huntsman. The boy is going out tonight. He knows how bad I am and it's killing me that I can't b perfect and happy and just ok for him

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  1. Hugs, nice to hear from you even if the news aren't good. I send lots of love, hugs, power to pull through and I want you to know that I care Dani. You're one of those few people I've known for a long time (or the beginning of SD is what I call for a long time) and will be sad if something bad happens to you. I can't give any good advice now but if you look at those promises something to hold on and not as a burden that they must feel, I bet you can pull it day at the time.

    I nearly wasted my morning coffee you know when I saw you've posted again.

    Hang in there,ok?
    It sounds like a broken record, cliche, used, old, useless and again just words but *It's gonna be ok, things are gonna be ok*