Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I'm losing it u guys have no idea how bad im losing it I've been maniac panicky not able to sit still I'm not eating much im crying as I'm typing this

Lose my insurance in a week on the 18 th I'll b 26 kicked off my parents I don't qualify for state aide cause I'm not a scumbag so y would they help me

Lowest so far us $221 a month I can barely afford to feed myself between my 4 medical bills credit car payments car insurance and gas I live pay check to pay check barely getting by just barely sometimes I can't even buy food

I go to the docs bout every 3-4 months now my family one and stomach specialist no insurance equals not being able to go which means no antidepressants which means I'm going to go crazy

I'm a good person I work hard t can't anything just be ok for me what did I do so horrible that I end up like this someone please tell me

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  1. I am so sorry Dani. You will find a way to work this out because you are strong, and I know you can do it. Please keep fighting. <3 always thinking of you.