Monday, January 9, 2012


I'm still getting the date and year wrong fuck me but it confuses the fuck out of me for good 2 months my bad

Yes I'm blogging at nearly. 3:30am my heart woke me up with its weird pounding and movements then add in my pounding headache god y do the docs always say that I'm fine when my heart is flip floppy head is pounding and having problems breathing and coughing up phlegm cause it makes shit ton if sense

Sorry no outfit pics thus week been suck of course and the boy wouldn't let me out of bed I was in bed Thursday night til u had to work Saturday and Sunday now I have off til Wednesday night do guess where I will be yup u guessed it in bed I have to get better I miss him I want to c him so body can u please b better by Friday I know I'm over medicating u between my antidepressants stomach meds ibuprofen cough meds and cough drops but I need u better like now do deal just hang in there with me I know ur fighting me cause im only eating twice a day but I'm just not hungry between all the meds but don't fat me yet

I know that ur tired u can't deal with this disease much longer I'm trying I really am but it's hard on ur own with no medical help or advice I'm doing the best I can I do want to live its just hard

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  1. I'm Cheering for you Dani, you can do it.
    Hope your heart is ok now, it's the most important muscle anyway ^^