Sunday, February 5, 2012


Sorry that I haven't blogged in awhile things have just been crazy

I'm trying to get better so I won't b talking much about weightless and stuff I will still talk bout it and everything u know what I mean. Right now I haven't been doing to well I'm not actively trying to lose weight but I'm 95 lbs and I feel like my health is just getting worse like idk how much longer my body is going to b able to hold on

My stomach is getting worse and so is my throat I have no insurance right now so can't go get it checked out but I'm still taking antidepressants everyday and 4 ibuprofen a day I know shouldn't b taking that much

I still freak out a lot bout food I'm not counting cals but I still look at them if the number scares me I don't eat it I haven't been to the gym in awhile between being sick having no extra money for gas and now sick again it's hard but I try to do crunches everyday or every other u know

My life is kinda a mess right now a lot of personal shit that I don't want on here but I'm doing the best I can yes I'm stressed yes I feel like crying bout every other day and yes my panic attacks are back but considering what I've been dealing with I think that I'm doing a pretty good job

Have to go to work so I wil update later tell u more

Hope every one is doing ok sorry if I worried anyone for all my girls on dbd sd and df I'm still alive I just haven't gotten on hard to deal with everything u know


  1. Always here for you beautiful. :) You are strong. Xo

  2. Thanks for the check in. and Yes, we are always here for you.

    Take care Babydoll
    xo, jenn

  3. Lots of hugs and love to you.

    Stress will pass, if your soul hurts and you need to cry then do so. It will make you feel better afterwards.

    Best of luck on your road to health. Remember that every single baby step is an EPIC WIN, ok?

    Love you <3