Thursday, February 9, 2012

Orientation outfit

So I got a second part time job and I have my orientation today and then I start tomorrow so I wanted to show u guys my outfit in babysitting after that then I will try to make new banner for my blog with my new name and everything


  1. hey hun, I'm back on blogspot! Thought i'd let you know and see how you've been? It's been pretty much an uphill walk into the fat again! Let me know how you're doing and what's new with you! Missed you! x

  2. You have missed a lot! First, your outfit is super cute and I'm glad you got another job. I know your medical bills have been out of control and unmanageable, so hopefully this will help you. Are you feeling any better lately? Second, I totally support the blog re-do - if you feel it will help you, go for it. And third, yes, Juan broke up with my in the beginning of January. It's all explained on my blog if you want to read back and catch up, but basically he's choosing his job over me and doesn't feel like putting the effort into our relationship. It was really sudden for me, but apparently he had been thinking about it since November. It's a mess and I'm still so upset about it...

  3. epic gaps!!!!! ur beautifulz hunnay !