Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sick again

I feel like im always sick they should just permanently put me on antibotics I just got off a 2 week course for double ear infection sinus infection and damaged vocal chords now I'm on a 10 day course taking them every 8 hours for strep throat they aren't certain it's that cause I don't have insurance to test but have a fever headache body aches ear ache and my tonsils are red and oozy so back on antibotics for now if I'm not feeling better in few days gave to go back to the doctor again ugh

It hurts so bad I had to call off work yesterday cause doc wanted me to take a day off I have a doc note do hopefully they don't get mad I slept like 12 hours yesterday and only have a vanilla milkshake with banana in it and half can soup yesterday but I'm working 9-1 at one job then 3-1130 at the hospital so I have to try eat mire but I can barely drink water that's how bad it hurts ugh

But I quit one job on Sunday I can't do 3 jobs the one I quit paid me the least and gave me the least hours they were pissed and gave me a hard time cause I was there year and a half and the managers are talking behind my back fuckers

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  1. *Hugs* No one should be sick like that for that long. My mom is constantly sick and I always worry about her even though she says she's fine and is use to it.
    Sucks when people are talking behind your back. I don't know how I would ever do three jobs at once and have to deal with that. I hope your happy and a less stressed out with that out of the way.

    Get well soon hun.