Thursday, August 2, 2012

Doc actually referred to me as anorexic today

And I'm being put in Xanax


  1. Just looked up a bit about Xanax. And it looks good. i really hope it helps you.
    Is it good, bad or other about the doctor??
    Hope you're okay <3

  2. Xanax really isn't that bad, I've been on it before, and all it does is mellow you out.
    Hope all is going well, love!
    I worry about you, since there hasn't been a long post in a while. I wanna know how everything is.
    I understand if it's too triggering, though.
    Just miss you, is all =]

  3. Xanax is the REAL DEAL. Its TOO GOOD. I LOVE IT. BUT I can never take it again. I was so addicted and went to rehab and I don't want to bum you out with the bad stuff about me. Just BE CAREFUL. Don't try to "save up" your pills, like if you're supposed to take a small dose once or twice a day, DO THAT. Don't save all your doses till the night to get extra relaxed. It IS fun and like all your cares go away. But getting all addicted to it is not worth it. Please talk to me if you ever have a question ok? It is fun to go to the drug store all stoned on xanax and buy nice lip gloss. If you ever find yourself doing that, take a step back and cut back a little haha. ok take care and keep in touch.


  4. I am glad that you are getting the help you need you know that I am always here if you nee to vent. :)