Saturday, August 25, 2012

Doc tryin to scare me

They are saying that I could die if I don't stop this soon that my kidneys will fail of I don't stop the diuretics if I ever need a transplant I won't get it cause of my anorexia diagnosis


  1. The doctor isn't trying to scare you for the sake of scaring you... s/he is trying to save your life, Dani.

    Please listen to them...

  2. They're not trying to scare you, they're telling you the truth.

    Yeah, EDs make it nearly impossible to get organ transplants. Hard to give them too :/

    I don't want you to die, Dani.

  3. Hi Dani! It's Milley remember? (for dp) How are you? you're at hospital now did i understood right? I was 5 months at hospital too..powerhugs for you dear<3

  4. It has been so long since I've been here! To blogspot in general.

    I feel like it has been so long that my concern is irrelevant, but I also don't believe they are trying to scare you. I really don't want you to die either! Please take care okay hun *hugs*