Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I'm exhausted today drinking a cup I coffee even though I'm not suppose to have caffeine

I had horrible chest pains yesterday I'm doing better today just a slight ache I had to work all day yesterday 9am-1130pm I have 2 jobs so I'm always in the run I can't wait til I have a whole day to myself I have to study I went back to school for pharmacy tech it's hard and alot of work but I'm doing it I have a 77 average right now I'm determined tonget that up

Right now I'm sitting here drinking a cup of coffee watching tv and babysitting then I have work later from 3-1130

So far today I've eaten 3 pancakes 1 medium cookie and 3 mini cookies I'm trying to get my calories up

My period hasn't came this month I'm bout a week late

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  1. Just keep an eye on those chest pains sweetie. They can quickly turn into a heart attack, trust me. You sound very busy and overwhelmed. Take a moment for yourself ;)