Friday, January 4, 2013


So the boyfriend won't let me go vegan he says I need meat I don't like meat I only eat chicken when I have to I'd rather not eat meat if it was up to me I would never eat it

So ima go as vegan as I can only have meat with him and hopefully it won't be an every week thing I wanna get healthy be happy and toned u know

I'm not allowed to workout right now no gym no exercise til I reach 110 lbs at least I weigh in at 106 on clothes after breakfast I only get weighed at my therapy sessions I'm assuming I'm really like 100-101 lbs naked and empty I don't want to gain anymore weight I'm content where I am well I could lose a few lbs and be even happier

I've been manic ice been up for 23 hours so far and counting and I have to work 9am-1130 pm today. Ugh


  1. you could always go ova-lacto veggie where you still allow some poultry and dairy products :)

  2. mark yeah i will have to think about that