Thursday, January 17, 2013

99 lbs

Therapist is gonna kill me but weight in at 99 lbs naked this morning I don't see her til the 23 I wanna lose more


  1. I'm so jealous of your tummy. It looks so good. But sweetie, remember what we talked about. We need to be in this together =) Lots of love.

  2. Are you feeling any better today?

    Please try to fight that feeling to lose more, I know you want to, but your body will thank you (and your therapist too!) Even staying the same would be ok for now.

  3. Face reality. If you go below in 18 BMI you're going to have health problems. You may look good to yourself and to others who suffer from your disorder but you don't look good aim of the else.

    You are not accountable to the therapist. You are accountable to yourself so I would ask you to use your intellect and embraced facts as a way of overcoming this.

    This body dysphoric disorder seems to also be part of narcissistic personality disorder and other cluster B criteria. Please realize, that your body is not you. Again, your body is not you. Your body is reflecting the consequences of your behavior.

    Use your logic and no that you are indeed extremely underweight and when you look at the mirror what you are really seeing is an emaciated person with 1 foot in the grave. The fact that you have a public blog appears to me to be a very loud cry for help. I wish there were a way to help people who are hell-bent on destroying themselves.

    Maybe if you could see just how absurd and irrational your behavior is maybe you'll stop doing it but I suspect you may be so disassociated with reality because of your illness that you can't. Please try to appreciate this attempt at advice.