Saturday, October 10, 2009


so today was going really good and then i ended up [ruging i cant tell u what the cal intake i am at cause i dont remember what i ate b4 i purge i know breakfast was apple w/caramel(100) cals
but i dint purge that up i purged my lunch i know i had broccolli, crackers and cheese i just dont know how much of each i had but i purged it up trust me all of that is out cause i ended up spitting blood at the end so its all gone yay now ijust wish that my puffy eyes would go down already i purged over 2 and half hours ago

well this is the exercise i have down so far
8,595 steps taken-216 cals burned
vaccummed car 8 minutes- 15 cals burned
cleaned car 2 hours- 275 cals burned

total cals burned so far- 506 cals

i still got tons of crunches to do and i gotta clean my room yet

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