Wednesday, October 28, 2009


yeah so ive beens ucking lately and fauling miserable ugh i know im horrible im back up to 100 lbs ew its gross i know and i hate it i gotta get my control back no matter what i cant just eat to eat only eat when i have to ugh

so i had blood work done 2day it was for my cholestrol im just praying they cant detect nething that involes ana in it cause i got enough ppl watching me i dont need ne more but i go to the docs on wed to find out the results so i gotta a week :)

hopefully i can lose weight b4 then i can trick the scale pretty easily i just wanna get to my first gw already like who though getting to 95 lbs would b so damn hard god damnit ugh

but neway im done ranting now i think lol

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