Monday, October 12, 2009


so i had a major breakdown this wkd like really bad i have so many cuts its insane i didnt even realize that i cut that much but both my arms are totally fucked up with cuts and my upper right thigh is even worse and still bleeding a lil. but i had a fight with my boyfriend he practically told me i wasnt pretty and not good enough then ihad a fight with my friend just a horrible wkd godi was doing so good not cutting well that all ended now

slimfast meal bar cookie dough- 220 cals

apple- 80 cals

soup- 120 cals
18 jelly beans- 72 cals

bottle and half of water- 0 cals
2 cups black coffee- 0 cals
enviga drink(cal burning)- 5 cals

total cals consumed- 497

8.860 steps taken- 226 cals burned
65 mins on elly- 497 cals burned
45 min on bike- 286 cals burned

total cals burned- 1,009 cals burned

i won b able to go to the gym tomm which sucks ugh so ima only eat 300 cals tomma nd walk and clean at work as much as i can

well im off to finish watching one tree hill( love that show) then gonna listen to the new paramore cd again( if u havent heard it buy itnow amaizng) and then do crunches

i should clean my cut again get them to stop bleeding

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