Monday, December 21, 2009


ok so today wasnt the best eating day and i have no idea how many cals i ate today ugh i suck. my sis's bday was over the wkd they had a party at my aunts house and i couldnt go cause of work and then it snowed a fuck of a lot well tey end up staying over and bought the rest of the cake home with them. so today i had 2 pieces of cake, 3 small xmas cookies, triscuits, 2 grapes, cup of popcorn, 2 snack size candy bars, green beans, and a non fat yogurt. i knw i suck horrible and my acid relfexs is killing me at the moment ugh i hate it if i knew it was gonna comei would o fnever stopped purging goi really suck

i did get some good exercise in though at least thats something
65 mins bike- 416
35 mins elly- 281
over 10,000 steps taken- 278

so thats something but god i really gotta start doing better i keep playing musical eating disorders its like my head and body just cant stay with one nope its gotta have ana mia bingy its like really ugh and it jumps around i never know what one im gonna have on ne given day

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