Thursday, December 31, 2009


holy fuck its been while since i updated sorry about that but my boss has been makinme ea cookies and choc and i feel like a fucking failure and to top it all off the boyfriend has noticed that ive been restricitng alot again. he was on my case for while and he thought i was doing better so he backed off but now he realized that i was restricting and is now bakc on my case ugh fuck me. he noticed cause i was getting really bad stomach aches again when ever he made me eat cause my boyd wasnt use to that amount of ood of curse he noticed on xmas eve srsly we can never have a nice holiday together cause i always fuck it up ugh wtf so hes beenmaking me eat but lettin gme pick out what i want to thats a good thing :)

tuesday nite i had a veggie sandwhich (280) and grapes(60) with him he made me stop somewhere and buy it ugh

yeaterday i had hot choc(25) and dry cereal(125) and then he said i had to have dinner b4 i picked him up so i had a salad(60) and a non fat yogurt(60)

today i was gonna go to the gym and work out for ahwile since i acutally dot have to go to work for oncein my life i went downstairs to leave and its fucing snowing so that fucked up my plans up. s i drank a slim fast shake in choc (190) an di guess today is going to b a crunches cleaning room not eatingmuch day

i will prob stay in for new years the boy might go out but if he wants to go out he can im not muchinto parting nemore id rather stay home and read and watch movies i wish he would stay home with me but i cant force him

well stay strong everyone and have a happy new years

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  1. Well he obviously likes you a mountain load because , 1. he actually noticed u were restricting and 2. he's trying to get you better ;)
    Lol dnt ya hate it!!
    He's a keeper though ..
    happy new year