Sunday, October 23, 2011


im sorry im sorry im sorry for not updating but i really cant get on the computer much my bro is alwasy on hes so im stuck on the downstairs one with out ne privacy what so ever

this will just b a quick cause i have to go to work soon but ihave pics for u guys
um lets c my meds still havent kicked in yet im still dealing with some side effects not as bad though but i realized that u shoudlnt mix aleve with anitdepressants bad bad bad idea trust me i was naouses my body ached and my chest hurt for like 3 days after so i will have to find something else to take with it when i get my headaches

i went tot he gym few times since ive last updated
* oct 14- 65 mins elly(442) 40 mins bike (226)
* oct 15- 65 mins elly(439)
* oct 17- 65 mins elly(465)
* oct 20- 45 mins elly(324 35 mins bike (200)
* oct 23- 65 mins elly(465 35 mins bike(202)

my eating idk it depends on the day friday and sat i ate to much ate witht he boy my stomach still hurts and ih avent had a bowel movement in days its un comfrotable so im have to drink some fiber drink i tried eating extra dairy cause my body usually cant handle it so i go but thats not even helping ugh

my weight im not sure i weigh at the gym the other day it said 102 in knee high socks, soffee shorts, tank top, and tshirt that was on sat after eating way way to much friday so idk my real weight mayb 100 or mayb im even in double digits i coudlnt tell u i wish that i did know though

k pics


thursday(10/20/11) for the flyers game


i dont have time to read all the blogs that i am behind on so everyone how r u? what have u been up to? update me please


  1. glad you've been doing well!!! cute outfits :)

  2. love your cute outfits.

    I'm good, no worries if you get behind. Blogger is for fun, not to add stress.


  3. love your flyers game outfit!! ... ive been having weird bowel movements too, like once every 3-5 days... i take these chinese herbal laxatives that are amazing though, and that helps... theyre:
    check them out if youre interested, but me and my friend both love em.