Saturday, October 1, 2011

Anti Anxiety/ Depression Meds

as u gusy know if u read my posts from yesterday i was recently diagnosed with anxiety and depression by my gastro doc and he wants me to talk to my family doc to get meds for both of them. I was just wondering ur guys take on it if ur on them nekind that has like the least side effects. I dont want to b in a haze, dont want decreases sexual appetiate and i dont want weight gain either. i was reading a lil and i think wellbutrin will me the best for depression it has the least amount of side effects and it come in generic too but ive read the generic doesnt wokr as well. i need generic my insurance doesnt cover prescriptions i just get a lil bit o fa discount but the generic ones i get a bigger discount on since i use walmart pharmacy. So i was jsut wondering what the ones u guys were on if u are on ne and urthoughts on them if they work the side effects u have experinced. ima call the family doc on monday i just went and for my bloodwork done for my cholestrol so ima try and get in friday its my day off but i wanna research them as much as possible and fine the best ones for me.

so please opinions conerns suggestions


  1. I'm on celexa and love it!! The only problem is that at first it made me extremely tired. no weight gain tho. Well, technically the first time I did gain because I was so happy and carefree all the time that I stopped caring as much about how I looked (only for a second tho haha). However, I'm back on it now, much happier,, less anxious and losing weight. Citalopram is the generic for it, walmart has 20mg for $4 a month :) I would def recommend talking to your doctor about it. Also, I'm horny as ever so it does not decrease libido at all... at least for me haha :)

    OH! And if they want you on a smaller or larger dose, walmart only has the 20's on the $4 plan, the $10's are actually more expensive which makes no sense to me... So what I did was get the prescription for the 20's and then cut then in half. :) Very cheap and it works great as long as your doctor thinks it's right for you :) Hope I helped! Good luck :)

  2. Ive been on a number of meds for anxiety and depression, Im on prozac for the longest and back on it now, I find it the best,
    I miss u, :( who sent last email?

  3. I try to read your blogs, but I have to be honest.. I have to really struggle to read them.

    SO much that I avoid them most of the time. Is that something that you do on purpose or can you really not help it?

    I don't want you to think I am being mean, cause I really am not trying to be.

    You are my same age and almost same weight, I was really just hoping that we had more things in common..

  4. well im on fluoxetine for anxiety and depression,been on that for the longest, and so far, no side effects :)

  5. I'm on Wellbutrin but also on Seroquil to help me sleep. I lil Wellbutrin however it has a very low maximum dosage. You might wanna look at something to help you sleep since I remember you saying something about never having a full nights rest.
    Love ya girl

  6. Best of luck with trying to get the right medicine for anxiety/depression. I know in your next post you mention fibromyalgia - they actually treat that, sometimes, with low-dose anti depressants, so hopefully some medicine will start making you feel loads better. I just want you to be healthy and happy girl!

  7. Zoloft for me was the reason I started losing weight, about 6kgs or so, it was a motivation after reading posts and forums about people who gained weight on it. It did not have bad side effects nausea for the first week and when my dosage was upped but each person varies - my sister and friend though prone to weight gain on meds did not gain on this

    xo Pixie.