Monday, October 3, 2011


i just realized this is post like 506 and i missed my 500th post my bad it happens o well we wil just have to make a big deal about it when i get to 1000 hopefully i will get there eventually.

so i called my family doc today to make an appt for my fibromylagia anxiety and depression and i have a feeling ima b given a hard time there for one i have to wait til the 11th to go i dont liike the other docs there and my ass of a doc left so im trying out th enew doc and of course hes not there friday which is my day off so im going the 11th at 9am i will just tell work i can do after 11 i cant b there at 10 that would b pushing it.

but neway the nurse or scheudling lady on the phone was like um ok did u have blood work for the fibromylagia and im thinking there really isnt any blood work on it i told her he did alot of tests and ruled everything else out and that i think he sent copies of it to u guys neway and shes like well he prob did a rheumtoid test and im thinking he didnt but i called the office for my stomach doc and had them fax the bloodwork over which was done in august so im guessing im not gonna get the pills i want and need to start to get better and to control the pain for a long time my life sucks i just dont wanna b in pain all the time and thats what it is its chronic pain that effects everything and u dont know how it is til u suffer from it urself so fun times for me ima b in pain for longer i finally get a diagnosis an dim relieved about that ive been thru alot of tests: ekg, echo, stress test, bloodwork(liver kidneys,pancrass, thyroid, red and white blood cells), endoscopy with tissue sampes/ biopsies, and disida scan w cck. how many more tests can they do till some1 fnally helps me and gives me the meds that i need for i can start to control it i know there is now cure of rit so i guess we will wait and c

comment replies

*lilah lee- walmart is funny like that arent they but i will keep that in mind def im gald taht u found something that works for u hun

*scared blogger- well ij ust emaile du the other day so u know that cause u answered i knwo it will take time to find a med that is right for me love u too

*beth- well no offense but y the fuck do u read it then if u dont like and y the fuck do u have the need to tell me that as well what is so wrong with it am i too whiny? to sick? not sick enough? what is it or do u just not like my writing style everyone is entitled to their own opinoion but wtf really yeah there are blogs that i dont like so i dont read them and i dont write a comment telling them that that is just rude and annoying if u ask me u dont have to liek my blog u dont have to life me or what i write about but i write teh truth this is my life this is what i go thru on a daily basis i am not a fake i dont not look for attention i getm y story out there for ppl can see how it is to have this disease to see how it affects my everyday life and to hopefully help some1 let them see how far it can go and then mayb they will decide they dont wanna get that sick they dont want their health to plumment like mine and they go and get help so fuck off if u dont like it and dont read it nemore

*aly- thanx for the suggestion hun email me if u ever need nething o ur crazy love u neway nope not 95 lbs yet im stuck around 100-101

*dying to be pretty- yeah i dont sleep and i have the bags under my eyes to prove ie so but thanx hun its hard to stay storng though hun u know that

*mich- yeah it does make sense not that i research it and think bout it u know bu tinever thought bout it cause i didnt think that was me but it does make sense now yeah thats what im hoping for generic cheaper for me my insurance doesnt cover meds just get a lil discount on them i will have to look into the shampoo. yes let me know how she did it i was thinkng about going ot he hosital in town after i tuen 26 and talking tot he financal advisor there see if i can get some state insurance but idk if that will cove rmy meds and my family doc and my gastro doc. u nut case ur weight is smaller then me. yes i found a good one but now i gotta deal with my family doc

*bones-yeah i got my dianosis 4 of them acutally now i just have to get my family doc to give me meds for them which is porb gonna b a fight. its hard im so frustated and aggitated its like ugh already ima try blogging more its just hard without a computer right now yeah the results came back nomral for all those tests

*sarah- thanx fun im tired of feeling crappy i wish i was under 100 lbs

*shirinking violet- o inever though to fthat the dragon does look lik eits from pete's dragon now i see it lol wow

*brittany- yeah it depends on the meds adn the person and how they work i posted some pics b4 hun just not of my hair i hate rain

*per esssere sianciate- i cant have leafy greens they kill my sotmach more then nething else and its sucks cause i use to like live off of salads so yeah. i';ll reaad nething once so yeah thanx hun i think im around like 100 101 mayb i love boots as well they are the best

*fat piggy-thanx hunny u dotn want to b as sick as me though

*thinqueen1 and kim- o really c its hard for me to see teh difference but thanx for pointing that out

*unbeautiful- recovery wont help my problems yeah id gained weight but the diagnosis i got isnt linked to that it just sucks

*rum-yeah it took me 4ever to find one that cares i wish my family doc cared

*kim- thanx for that hun it helped and yeah they tested me for celiacs i dont have it but i still cant eat it

*skinnygirl- u have to becareful u will get caught eventually

*skeleton strong- thanx hun yeah i get that now

*nee-lol hope ur doing well


  1. Yay I'm so glad you left a lil message for Beth cause I was having to hold myself back from typing some not so nice things. She was totally rude and inconsiderate. I love reading your blog because we have both things in common and things that are different. But I find what you have to say important and you're unique. Congrats on 506 posts!

  2. Dani, I think what she was trying to say came out wrong - I don't think it's the content. We're all here behind you 100% of the time and want you to be better and healthy. I think the was probably commenting on the actual physical way you write, not even the style, since we all love how open and honest you are here. I have been reading your blog for more than a year and I feel like we are friends, but I also know that sometimes its really hard to read and make sense of because you just type what tumbles out of your head and don't go back to fix your typographical errors. Obviously, it is your blog and you can write however and about whatever you'd like, and I will keep faithfully reading :) I just think that might be what she was trying to say, and it wasn't a personal attack.

  3. Oh, and I forgot to congratulate you on 500+ posts - that's amazing! I've been posting for more than a year and am only in the 150s!

  4. Sorry if I have offended you, I really was not trying to do that and I apologize if I did. I LOVE the things that you say because you are so real. I love that about you. I meant the way that you write, the shorthand that you use is sometimes really hard to follow.

    I feel bad for upsetting you. I only was saying that I wanted to read more of your stuff but it is hard for me to understand. Don't be upset, I DO enjoy reading your posts and I will continue to read them without posting that way your "bulldogs" don't have to "hold themselves back" (who does that?)

    anyways, I am just rambling. Sorry for offending you. Stay strong.