Monday, October 31, 2011


i cant waitt il i get my own computer for i can update whenever i want and i can finally get caught up on all ur blogs that im so far behind in ugh hopefully i will get a new one soon who knows

well happy halloween everyone

and i have snow yup snow in october im in new jersey and we had a bad snow storm on saturday that is still wrekcing havic it sucks trust me i still have power luckily (sorry mich hope urs comes on soon) but the town and everything is just a mess

we have over 6 inches its starting to melt but it was a heavy snow that bought down trees and power lines needless to say its been a mess since saturday

i had to work saturdayi went in at 11am and it was jsut starting to snow not sticking or nething yet but by the time i got at at 6pm it was a mess we acutally had to close the store at 6pm cause none of the closers could come in one girl tried but to many downed trees so most of the staff left at 5 when their shift was over so it left me my one coworkers and 2 managers thats it the one manager cleaned the fitting room other one was doing the drawers i was doing reg and my coworker was gettign the running done and fixing up the store it was that messy cause of the weather so yeah but god getting home i live right in town like 5-10 mins yeah it took me 25 mins to get home but first i had to clean off my car and i forgot gloves yeah i know im an idiot it happens my hands were so cold and shaking and i coudlnt feel that at all like completely numb and it took 4ever to get all the snow off cause like i said it was heavy i finally got int he car and put my hands right in front of the heater and omg did that hurt so bad the pain when ur getting feeling back is ouch

the town didnt reall do the roads yet i guess they werent expecting it to get that bad or soemthing idk the amll was just starting to do the parking lot when we were leaving and the mall lost power 3 times it would come on we would get the computers working and it would go out again 3 times yeah fun and it take 20 mins to get all the computers working again

but getting home omg u had to go slow casue the roads were snow and slush and just a mess i onlyh slide a few times not bad i have a ford focus and it has front wheel drive so that helped but it took 4ever to get home cause i hit 2 seperate road blocks the first one was a tree and stuff fell ona car driving and it caught on fire i dont know the rest of it and then the one hill was closed off so i had to go down a different hill that wasnt treated at all and that was fun not really and at the bottom of that hill there was this huge tree down but they didnt close off that road cause there really was no way to get home so all the cars were just driving around it very carefully there was a lil road left so yeah i made it home 25 mins later ugh craziness my mom and bro shovlled out my parking spot for me though so that was nice of them

the boy was suppose to go out saturday nite but he didnt cause of the weather so i went and got him and he leaves on my street but have to take the alley cause my road is one way and yeah i was going down the alley and this car was on my ass bright headlights and i hit something idk what but it was a huge bump huge idk what it was when me adn the boy were going back kdown the alley and we alooked and there wasnt enthing there so idk what i hit i coudlnt tell u butim ok and my car is ok i got stuck in the snow a lil but yeah that happnes

i had to work sudnayt hen all the roads were clear thank god but the raods that were closed saturday were still closed sunday so i had to take the long ass round about way to get to teh mall i was suppose to work 11-630pm um yeah the power went out at 1145 am customers were wating to c if it would come back on yeah it didnt so i was stuck with my coworkesr heloing me but the customers clothes in bags and hold stickers on them it was a mess we had to call the closers and tell them dont worry bout coming in no power it was am ess again we fianlly left at 1pm after got the drawers down and got out of the store had to use a road on the chain for the door and pull it then the manager had to roll out and we had to push the gate down yes its all run with electricy so that was fun we spent time sitting on the counters waiting to c if the lights came one they didint and it turns out the power didnt come back on til 5pm fun fun fun ugh i hate winter

the roads are still clsoed today ma's battery died so i had to take her running around
we went to kolhs first cause she wanted to look at some things and i looked in clearance section and i found 2 zip up hoodies and 3 sweaters all in smalls so they are a lil big but i got them for a total of $35 i saved like $173 dollars

here they are

we then went to target i got a new straigthner since mine died i have no luck but its pink and one sale and part of the proceeds go to breast cancer awareness so yey also go t abox of speical k cereal and some candy corn(im addcited i know i shoudlnt eat it)

we then went to shoprite were i got gluten free bread and my ingredients to make my tomato salsa soup which i did make after we got home and its all yummy i love that soup it kills my sotmach but i love it neway

i didnt get to go to the gym today cause i just didnt wanan risk it with all the roads closed and power outage i didnt wanna drive there and find out its closed my gym is in pa not to far away at all since i live right on the border but the high school over there is not to far away from the gym and they dont have power so i didnt risk i really need to work out cause im snacking on to much halloween candy i am gonna sit outside and help mom hand out candy trick or treat is from 5-8 i know 3 hours crazy i def wont make it that long out in the cold

o and here is my outfit from friday i dont know my weight ne guesses please i need to know

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  1. I'm looking forward to you having a computer. I'm always worried something has happened to you. You looked fab in you outfit as always hun. Hope the meds are working and the new doc is working out.
    cheers hun. xox. Miss ya