Wednesday, October 5, 2011


u know what im just gonna type the way i want to and if u guys dont like it then dont read it i dont want to change who i am when im writing my resumes and cover letters of course i type better i just have to but this blog is about me and u have to realizxe that when im writing or typing im usually a maniac mess stressed adn freakking out so u get what u get u dont like it dont read it i know iw ill prob lose alot of followers i have what nearly 400 now or soemtihng so that has to mean something doesnt it.

im spiralling out of control i feel like i just cant contorl nething nemore i sat down with my book and figured out myu bills yeah im fucked ima go tot he bank today to make sure what i have written down is right and ifi t is then yeah after my car and credit cards i have $29 left and i need gas and i have a $30 copay next week ugh fuck me i guess ima have to borrow money from some1 i dont wanna borrow from my parnets cause they will hold it over my head forever cause they suck and the boy said he would help but i dont wanna take money from him either and i dont wanna use my credit cards cause well they are nearly maxed out and the interest is killing me i will figure it out i guess

y cant life just give me a break for once in my life i dont wanna struggle i dont wanna feel like im drowning i just wanna b content thats all i want is that to much to aks for well app it is fuck my life


mich- yup thats what i have and it sucks so much im trying to find a job u know with my own insurance but if i dont by the time im kicked off my parents ima try and get state insurance idk if that will b ne better thoguth app they ahve this hole 80/20 rule i fucking hate everything and ur right ima type how i want to.

desesperee- i live in that area hun not far from the hosital either but to work in a hopsital they want u to have medical expereince or a somekine of medical degree trust me i tried and im interview at this palce in behtlehem called gateway funding i just need a better job
o and im sorry bout ur bill how did u pay it or did they fix it for u well u guys are gonna hate me cause im going back to typing how i want to i dont understand how its hard to read its just a few tyupos and shorthand how is that hard to figure out and i fi lose followers then so b it


  1. Hey, part of having a personal blog is getting to be your own personal self. You shouldn't feel the need to please other people, if you're happy with yourself then that's what matters. And that goes with everything. Not just the way you type.

    I also apologize for your excessive stress. I hope all turns out well and that your problems lessen soon.

  2. I wonder about Life or Fate or God or whatever--it seems to like kicking those who are already down. But you know I've noticed that the people who keep getting kicked keep getting back up, and each time they're stronger than the last time, and it sucks and it might take a while, but eventually they come out on top because there's just nothing left for Life or Fate to throw at them. And you're definitely one of those people--you always get back up again. Each time you get back up, it's another step up. At some point, you have to reach the top. <3