Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hi guys sorry I have been gone solving again but I have iPhone 4s now early Xmas present from the boy. So I downloaded the blogger app for I can update more often now yay me.

For those of u who are on my site(darkestbeforedawn) skinnydolk and disordered family I'm sorry that I haven't been on much my Internet access is really limited right now so sorry I haven't gotten on much I will try harder u just wish I had my own computer all ready

I'm exhausted I've been working a lot and I mean a lot schedule 16th-10-6 17th-10-6 18th-1-6 19th-11-7 20th-12-630 21st-8am-noon 22nd-10-6 23rd-430-930 I go in tonight at1145pm then work till 845am the next day the Saturday 10-6again I work all day Sunday 11-630 then 2-930 on Monday I have off Tuesday thank god I will have been working 2 weeks straight and it's been busy and the managers are always having me do million different things at once I'm beat.

Um I'm eating more I hate it cause it has been junk I need to stop that I need to eat healthy but more of the healthy stuff u now not doing well in the recovery front I don't know my weight I'm hoping in still between the 96-98 lbs range but who knows.

So happy thanksgiving everyone I'm planning on laying down ad much as u can try to nap since I'm working over night.

K I have some pics for u guys two outfits and one of my collar bones.


  1. Love the second outfit! hang in there, thanksgiving will be over soon, and hope you will be less busy! xx

  2. ugh that schedule sucks!! try to use it to eat less?? dont eat while working...?? LOVE the pics! sooo jealous. i hope one day my collar bones will look like that

  3. Oh my goodness the bottom outfit is so beautiful! I love the tights so much. when my legs get that small again I will have to invest in some colorful tights

  4. Your legs are gorgeous. So slim. I'd love to look likre you. And the collar bones... Whoah! Great work!!!!!!