Tuesday, November 29, 2011


My fibromyalgia is killing me right now I'm in so much pain I can't even lay on my bed I have a pillow underneath my body trying to cushion it yeah it's not working at all the pain goes Fromm back the whole back and it shots to my chest my legs ankles I can't lay still at all cause it hurts to bad to lay still I have to try and keep moving do much for sleeping cause the pain is just way to much I don't wish this pain on anyone it's chronic pain it's bad really bad and when it gets this bad my clothes hurt me so that means for the next couple days no jeans or nething it's leggings or tights with a long baggy shirt it's the loosest things I have the looser the better when the pain is this bad and them add in the nasousness and headache from my concussion not good day at all

At least I have off today first day off in two weeks I'm just going to do laundry and relax lay in bed watch tv steal my brothers computer go online get my music off my iPod onto my iPhone just a relaxing day I even left work two hours early last night it was really slow we are over hours I normally wouldn't go home early but I was really dizzy that day so I did


  1. Did your doc give you anything for the fibro? I'm so sorry that you have it, my grandmother has it too, and it always gets worse when your brain gets consumed by it too. When she's in pain, all she can think about it the pain, and just thinking about it all the time magnifies it, you know? I hope you feel better soon and enjoy your day off. Will you get to see your boyfriend today?

  2. I'm so so sorry I've been awful at commenting lately, but now that I can type with both hands, I should be better at it. It's heartbreaking to hear all the pain you are going through, I can't imagine what it's like. Would your doctor prescribe you stronger meds to help relieve the pain a little? I hope you feel better, please be careful. Much love <3

  3. Oh, Dani, I hope you feel better soon! I hate to think of all the pain you're in. Hang in there, much love!