Friday, November 25, 2011


Ugh had this hole post typed then I posted it in wrong section so had to delete it yeah that's how tired I am sleep deprivation sucks ass really bad

Worked overnight shift 1145pm-845 this morning I didn't sleep the night before and only slept 5 hours the night before that just took a 2 hour nap I need more sleep but my body is so tired it won't sleep at all we were all losing it at work it was busy the first 3 hours the registers kept freezing it was just one person after another after another but that point we were done none of us slept and we kept cracking up over the stupidest things I almost passed out too I had to grab onto the wall I was leaning on cause started to go black

I ate to much already a bananas fun size pack skittles 8 holiday cookies cinnamon raisin bagel and slice pudding pie u needed the sugar to keep going but my poor stomach didn't like it at all

Going to go lay down for lil more have to get up shower eventually hanging wit the boy tonite

Love u all hope ur well

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