Saturday, November 26, 2011


I'm pretty sure I gave myself a concussion. I hit my head yesterday hard on the corner of the dresser I was bending down to unplug my brothers iPod speaker/charger cause I had iPod on and yeah when I stood up hit the corner my head has a cut and bruise have a pounding headache get dizzy I zone out a lot and I can't concentrate everyone is telling me to go to the emergency room but there's no point cause they can't do anything for it besides rest and becareful

I worked 10-6 today I was just in my own lil world all day everyone just key me be do my own thing cause I told them I could possibly have concussion

I was bad bought stuff at work should of but got fleece zip up hoodies 3 graphic tees one say love it it's purple and long sleeve the other two are thirst so cute candy land and light bright I couldn't pass those up

Already took six ibuprofen today to help with the pain but I always still have a headache so I'm going to just lay here and watch tv the boy bought be seasons 1-6 of supernatural and first season of pretty little liars going to start with pretty little liars

I love u all thank u so much for always being there for me ur comments mean the world to me

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  1. Hope you feel better and the headache goes away, that's good that you lay down and take it easy. You deserve it after all that black friday hard work!