Wednesday, November 25, 2009


hey guys sorry that i havent posted much lately ive been extremely busy. i work an insane amout and by the time i get hom at the endof the day im just too exhausted to even go online so i usually just lay on my bed till ipass out and then sleep for a lil its not like i ever acutally sleep thru the nite though so im just still exhausted the next day but hey what u gonna do about that

im getting myself back on track cause im disguuisted with myself and how much i have been eating lately so im determined to porve to myself and ana that im worthy of here and that i can do this. every time i eat my heart goes insane it starts beating fast well fast for me at least and then i get extremly tired and all i wanna do is lay there but i gotta stay strong and work out more

yesterday i didnt eat all day til dinner i got a salad with lettuce, pickles, cucmbers, hor peppers, and a lil grilled chicken ima say it was around 200 cals then i had a bagel 260 cals i cleaned my room for and hour and of course the junk food eater in me watned ice cream 140 to total yesterday i had 600 cals

today i had a bow of cheerios 140 cals this moring for breakfast and 3 homemade choc chip cookies i was home by myself so i worked out a lil i did 200 jumping jack, ran up and down the steps 20 times and did 50 crunches. i have to go run around now and get all the shit i have to get down today b4 work

stay strong girlies love u all

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