Monday, November 30, 2009


small apple with cinnamon- 25 cals
1/2 cup blueberries-40 cals
brownie-80 cals
i got a bad nose bleed after the brownie so im guessing ana wasnt to happy with me that was my 5th nose bleed in 4 days its insane and driving me nuts i hate it

small apple with cinnamon- 25 cals
chicken noodle soup- 150 cals

salad(lettuce, cucumber, hot peppers, tomates, 2 pickles, wine vingar)- 80 cals
cup of popcorn- 25 cals

after work snack
bowl of frosted flakes- 150 cals

3 bottles of water- 0 cals

total cals consumed- 575

65 minutes hill work out walking on treadmill- 494 cals burned
7,596 steps taken- 191 cals burned

total cals burned- 685

im dong laundry so im running up and down the steps so that will b some extra cals and i also have to do my crunches yet today so thats even more. im rereading wintergirls for like the 7th time i love that book and ive decided if lia can b that strong and get doen 2 89 lbs( thats were i am in the book now) then i can too so thats it time to get serious and get this fucking weight off already

so i work at a tanning salon/ dive shop/ aquatic center. i practically run the tan side and i do the dive side when the boss is away im also a lifegaurd on the pool side. i life guard pool parties and i have done swim lessons in the past. so me and my coworker are cleaning up after the party the second one that weekend and we are talking ( she knows about my ed) and she tells me that the parents at bday parties and swim lessons ask her if im ok shes like they go "does she eat shes so small are u sure shes ok ur sure she eats" my coworker goes "yes of course she eats she eats all the time trust me she has a healthy appetite" i love my coworker she so saved me there i just hate how ppl automatucally assume that us anas dont eat we eat we just dont eat normal we eat enough to survive and thats it ugh and then we are carrying chairs we are still in are bathing suits with sweat pants over top and she goes aww look ur lil spine is stikcing out thats so cute

so i love her to death she is a great coworker and i can talk to her about nething she use to b bulimic so she understands shes not mia nemore but at least she understands can talk to her i told her i do make myself throw up i never told her that b4 but she understood and id judge me i havent told her about the cutting though she has asked about all the scars i just make up excuses cause i doubt that she will excpet that as easy as the other things

well girlies i have to finish laundry and so crunches and read more of wintergirls stay strong love u all :)

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  1. That is so cute! I am pretty jealous that you have that kind of understanding friend though. :) Good job with this dear, you are doing wonderfully!! :D