Sunday, December 11, 2011


So I've so decided that no matter what I'm going to the gym tomorrow I've been eating to much been freaking out I need a good sweaty workout in I know I'm an exercise addict it I admit it never denied it but I need it it keeps me sane

So can my fibromyalgia be good tomorrow can it not b so bad that u can barely move like today work was so hard but like I said that's not going to stop me or the constant pounding headache either that I've had ever since u hit my head on black Friday I take 3-6 ibuprofen a day today I took 9 I know im probably ruining my liver but unless u guys have the chronic pain u have no idea how bad it is how much it hurts how much it affects ur life the everyday things it just affects everything

So change of subject I was actually excited to go to the grocery store today u know y because the had cherries jackpot fuck yes and they were on sale $2.99 a lb instead of the normal $5.99 a lb I got 2 bags duh u guys have no idea how much I like them I could live off of them o and I got 2 of these cute lil snack things I know they r meant for lil kids but o well

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