Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So for once in my life the doctor was happy with me that really is a first me and docs just never ever get along so I was shocked when it actually went good

I'm sitting in the Walmart shoe department I've been walking around the store for 45 mins already and I just can't do it anymore so I'm blogging to u from walmart I know weird but hey has to waste time so here I am

Well back to the doctors he was happy he said he was really worried about me last month that he's happy I'm soon better my weight there after all day of eating drinking and in clothes was 103 that's where I was 2 months ago when I went last month I was 98 lbs there this visit my blood pressure was 148/94 weight 103 in staying on my antidepressants and he gave me 2 other scripts as well something to help my stomach the acid and the pain for it doesn't hurt so much and Valium I will only be on the Valium for a month for my muscles relax and my headaches stop

So this is y im in Walmart waiting for my scripts to get done for I can start taking then tonight and hopefully get some sleep

Since im here I got a tape measure and cheap box of cookies I know weird combo I know I just can't wait for my medicines to be done I'm tired chest hurts I just want to lay down and I babysat today from 9-330 I'm exhausted we took a walk ran around had a dance party it was nuts

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