Friday, December 30, 2011

I slipped stupid ugh

So I didn't cut last night Thanx everyone for being with me

I've been trying to recover but I just had major slip I just purged my head is pounding heart is racing I fell down after I was down there was blood on my fingers I'm really spiraling once I start going back to that it's bad


  1. Take care sweet pea. Take it for what it is--you needed a release, you took it and hopefully you felt it, and you are ok. It feels good to purge, so don't waste it feeling so bad about it that you almost want to do it again just to feel better and so on..... I know it's much later now, but I just hope you didn't beat yourself up TOO bad :-)
    love ya girl xo

  2. One mistake doesn't mean you've lost the battle! Keep trying and take it one day at a time. We support you!