Sunday, December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas everyone I hope you a enjoy urselfs try to have fun and leave the disease behind is possible I know it's not possible but I want all my friends to feel ok even if it's just for a minute

Sorry bout my breakdown the other day I'm ok Im going to keep trying to fight this disease life just likes to hit me all at once me and the boy almost broke up last night but we talks well I tried to cause I don't have much of a voice and I was having panic attack took me hours to breathe normal bit we are going to be ok we have a plan well he made a plan for me to help me not with my Ed but with life and getting out of my parents house getting y debt slowly paid off its all going to work out and I have to try and keep taking care of myself he did admit that he knows I'm always going to be sick that he doesn't care bout that as long as I try and some day when I have amazing insurance I can get amazing help

Well happy holiday to everyone i love you all you are all my rocks keep me grounded and I hope that I do the same for u

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  1. You seem better than you did last time you posted, which is good to read. Your Christmas outfit is great (looked ahead), as is the artwork. Sounds like you have a pretty realistic outlook for yourself, and it isn't TOO bleak. Hope your Christmas was lovely!