Monday, December 5, 2011


So im sitting at Barnes and nobles right now wasting sometime came up to th apple store to get my phone looked up it was an hour wait so wasting time here u love this place books god love them it's killing me being here I want so many books but I only have enough money for one I decided to get "destined" by pc and Kristin cast its the house of night series I have all the other ones so need to have this one of course but ugh I went into the addiction section wanted to get a book on recovery but fuck me they are so expensive ugh can't afford that I we gonna get wasted but read it so many times and I know my friend has it I just need to get it back I wish I could buy all the books that I want but I just can't I'm a broke ass hate it I need a good job

My doc appt got rescheduled it was the 13th in the morning so I didn't have to miss work but yeah they had to love it to the 14th at 430pm so I will have to tell work that I can only work til 4 that day sucks hate missing hours I need all of the money I can get right now

Went over my aunts house on Saturday that's started their Christmas cooking did apple pies I just went to play with the lil ones they make me so happy ate to much junk though she works at just born so yeah lots of goodies yea the littlest one sat on my lap ate a donut had chocolate icing on it and he was using a spoon it was so funny and cute he made a mess he's 1 so yeah a cute mess but I'm happy that I got to c them they really doable everything better

Ha I wore my candy land shirt to work everyone loved it coworkers and customers included I also bought a sweater too it was on sale $8 so had to get it my coworkers even got me to make a twitter account yes I made one it's gets them off my back about not having Facebook twitter isn't bad I can deal with that

Omg I went to target yesterday just to get tostios yeah left with those queso dip gum crackers lemonade mix and 2 bags hershey kisses mint truffle and candy cane omg the candy cane ones are so good and addicting damn

Ok I should stop rambling and getting moving maybe drink some of lemonade I have only had tea so far today I know I should drink a lot more everyone keeps telling me love u all

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