Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Hey sorry that this has been turning more into a fashion blog but I just really like sharing my outfits letting people see that u can dress how u want ad it doesn't matter what anyone else says bout u as long as ur comfortable and u like what it wearing then go for it

I am trying to recover idk how much more my body can take of this I've already been diagnosed with anxiety drepression ibs fibromyalgia and esophagitis with polyps c my body is failing me I'm in constant pain I can't wear jeans anymore I go to work in leggings and either dresses or longer shirts my managers know how much pain I'm in and they actually think my outfits are cute

Right now I really don't have a voice my throat has been so inflamed that I can't do anything bout it and I'm getting tired of the customers telling me that I sound bad that I most feel horrible that my managers shouldn't let me ring because of my voice my one manager is getting so fed up with how rude the customers are and she just wants to yell at them and hit them not sick it's my throat the acid kills it and when it gets this way the more talking i do the more I am damaging my throat so everyone can just shove it for all that I care

Now recovery idk it's going ok I guess I posted my measurements and pics a few days ago if u want to check them out I don't think I'm small at all but when have I ever seen myself clearly u know but I've got myself comfortable with eating more in the morning causes know I will burn that off during the day lunch and dinner is still a struggle I usually just have fruit veggies or soup

How is everyone else doing? I haven't been able to read ur blogs since i still don't have a computer but let me know how u guys are doing in a comment here

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  1. hey lovely <3
    ive been okay. hovering between forced recovery / full blown anorexia.
    but been so depressed lately. xxx