Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Mental breakdown week my head is poundings eyes hurt and are puffy no contacts today I don't want to deal anymore there's no point any way I'm never going to amount to anything I'm never going to have anything I'm just going to be the girl who is in debt who can't feed or hydrate herself right I'm never going to get married or have kids in going to me stuck working part time I'm never going to get ahead in life in always going to struggle I don't blame people for getting tired of me I just give up I can't ever finish Christmas shopping I'm a bad person cause any good person with good intentions would of had it done already so yeah that's it my medical bills are almost in collections there goes my credit I'm really never going to have anything on life

So no more buying myself anything I tried to cancel my amazon order but it was to late so last time buying myself anything I'm even going to cancel my gym membership I don't deserve it not going to grocery shop much just work home job search clean exercise not going to do anything for myself wonder how long my body can go before it gives up

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  1. <3 Hugs. In the end credit is just money life has much more than that. It's frustrating I know but the Christmas shopping doesn't determine if you're good or bad. I know that you're a lovely person, you have a heart and you care about people. That makes you good, not some crazy materialistic values!

    Love ya, don't let you body give up <3