Wednesday, May 12, 2010


so today i went tot he grocery store got:

* box of store bran bran flakes
* box of special k choc delight
* fruit cups( tropcial and mixed)
* caramel dip( found calorie free kind)
* acai berry fruit bar popsciles
* granola bars( 90 cal varity box- choc chunk, oatmeal raisin, and honey nut)
* sugar free jello cups( strawberry kiwi, tropical berry, lemon lime and orange
* 3 cucmbers
* tomates(found out after i bought them cant eat them cause of my acid reflux)
* grapes
* 2 bags granny smith green apples
* mango spears
* 4 bottles skinny water and some coke zero
* muffin(shouldn't of i know)

food log:
* cup dry bran flakes
*granola bar
*speical k snack bar
*half cucumber
*1 apple
*small chicken noodle soup

i made it to the gym again today and walked on the treadmill for an hour on the random workout level 15 and burned 380 cals. i read the hole time i was walking i love reading i get lost in the book and i forget my problems for a while.

im currently readin'g 2 books at he momen "loose girl" by kerry cohen and "fallen" by lauren kate they are both addcitng i recommend u read both

im a book addcit so i read alot i cant help it

after th gym went to target bought 2 more books, and tank top, some fiber weight managemtn gummy things adn a dust buster(my room is smallplus big bed equals i cant get a vaccum in to i got a samll hand held one

i also worked today no surpirse there ha we were busy so i ran around like the hole time so i hoped i burned off most of the cals from today

my stomach is killing me right now its all bloated and it hurts my ribs hurt im getting this shooting pain on my right side it just sucks ass its always something

and my chest and acid reflux is just killing me my acid reflux is so bad that i actaully feel the acid coming up and it burns my nose so bad fuck it needs to stop already

i was planning on making some braceltes tonite but i think i might just lay down and read instead

i babysit tomm my 2 lil cousins form 9-230 then i got work 3-8 busy busy busy day

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