Sunday, May 2, 2010


so 2day i decided to have a lazy day cause i dont get them much since im always always working well shocker here i actallu have a day off yes :) so the plan for today is:
* to go on pt and dp for a while well i'll prob check in thru out the day
* look up hotels for our trip to balitmore in july
* read all the updates on the facfics i read im so behind
* finish the one fic im readin now
* lots and lots of crunches thru out the day
* mayb start a new book i have a pil eof 12 i have to read til im allowed to go back to barnes and nobles to get more (yes im a book addict deal with it)
* i was even thinking of starting to write again i havent written in years and i realized that i missed it even though i usck at grammer and shit i do love to write
* i should prob wrok on updating my krsiten stewart site i swear my ed takes over an di totally forget about it for months at a time
* and lastely prob watch a moive i have my bootleg copy of "brothers" to watch yet

yesterday i was 107 lbs im slowly getting back down thank fucking god i was tired of being stuck at 109lbs for so fucking long ugh it sucked. i didnt weigh myself today i havent had a bowl movements in a few days and that prob gonna fuck up the scale and b4 u say take laxs i cant i abused them to much b4 and i get extremly sick when i take them now so i cant tak them at all nemore not event he senna tea trust me i tried it.

yesterday i worked for 4hours and yeah that 4 hours was spent on my feet gotta love it constanly standing burns cals yes. then of course i had to stop and get gas ugh i swear gas is taking me broke its so fucking expensive then needed to make another trip to target(im there way to much. there i got some vitamin water zero(acia-blueberry-promgranate), tub of gum balls, emarld bay 100 cal nut packs, slim fast 100 cals snack bars, hose spray attachment thingy and 3 books. then after i finally got my ass home i washed my car now thats a good workout. i spent 2 hours doing it i washed it 3 times casue i coudlnt get it as clean as i wanted it to be and its still not but i was getting so tired from it 2 hours of scrubbing and shit is hard on ur body.

well o sjould prob go and start doing sometihng on that list of mine
love u all stay strong


  1. Well done. Your doing real good. Just stick to it hun. It will happen. Just keep the final result in your mind at ALL times. Plus everyone deserves a lazy day. x