Saturday, May 15, 2010


so ive decided that ima go veggie/vegan i dont eat that much eat to begin with just chicken so i can cut that out easily i know the hard part is goign to b cutting out the dairy and the eggs but ima do it slolwy and work myself up to a complete vegan i'll keep u guys updated on how im doing with it

last nite was date nite with the boy i didnt eat to much but the cheese and the grease just made me so sick at dinner i had mashed potates, a lil bit of sucatous, and like 5 bites of chicken my desser was yogurt with berries and granola. he got chesse fires so i shared them with him

i was in so much pain after my acid reflux was so bad from the dairy(another reason y im going vegan cant take the acid reflux nemore) and i was having the worse stomach pains ever right side bym,y belly button under my ribs i was like doubled over in pain it was so bad i was nearly crying and it takes alot for me to cry but thats how bad it hurt

i had to work for alil today but the rest of the day ima have a lazy day just cause im so fucking tired i need a break i have off of work tomm but i prob have amillion and one things to do during the day so ima realx and read and watch tv today and of course do some crunches

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