Thursday, May 20, 2010


*liter of water
*cup of dry speical k choc delight cereal
*apple with cinnamon
*1 bite of a brownie

*3 cups broccolli
*2 scoops vanilla ice cream
*liter of water

at work 3-815pm
*liter of water
*bottle of joe tea black tea

*have a extra large hot cranberry promgrante tea and a liter of water that ima drink
*and im snacking on some cheese and crackers

my exercise of the day consisted on me taking all my clothes out of all my bins and refloding them then re organizing them and labling the bins cause i cant find shit nemore. i also labeled all my bins that have my books, cs, movies and misc shit in them. i cant wait til i can move everying back in my room. also at work i took 6,306 steps which burnt 157 cals

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