Monday, May 24, 2010


as much as i would love to rest i just cant its physically impossible

like even when i try and just lat down and watch tv when i finally get home from work i cant im so restless i always gotta keep moving

i worked 7 hours and 45 minutes today and u should c me i look like the walking dead my hair is just everywhere my eyes are bloodshot and barely open i cant purple rings undermy eyes i can tbarely walk i just drag my feet ugh life sucks

food log:

*bottle of water
*cup of tea
*cup of dry bran flakes
*small apple with cinnamon
*1 cookie

*65 min walking on tready hill workout level 13 speed 3.0- 294 cals burned

*bottle of water
*cup of tea
*salad(lettuce, an apple, 6 cheery tomatoes, few cheese cubes with wine vinager dressing)
*2 cookies

at work(1-845pm)
*liter of water
*bottle of 0 cal sobe life water strawberry dragaonfruit
*bottle of joes tea black cold tea 0 cals
*cup of popcorn

dinner(at home)
*cup of tea
*cheese cubes
*drinking a liter of water

over 12,000 steps taken today - 312 cals burned(doesnt include treadmill i turn my watch off when im exercisng)

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