Monday, May 31, 2010


so 2day my exercsie consisted of cleaning my car yes that is a workout all on its own trust me the way i do it took me 2 and half hours. washed the outsdie 4 times and i mean really washed it did the windows 3 times each inside and out then i had to dry the car perfectly which took me awhile and then thers the inside so yeah 2 and half hours of hard work. ive had a headache since so i guess i burned a good amount or the heat just got to me but it was a good workout.

i spent the rest of the day after taht relaxing reading and watching tv ima have to do some crunches later though mystomach just isnt toned enough for my liking

food log:

* bottle of water
* grapes and strawberries
* handful of trail mix

while cleaning my car:
*drank liter of water

*sugar free jello cup
*dried fruit
*bottle of water
*2 cans coke zero cherry

*salad(lettuce, half an apple, 2 pieces dried mango, 2 pieces dried pinapple, cucumber, wine vingar dressing)
*my homemade macroni salad made with brown rice glutton free noodles
*liter of water

*some dairy free ice cream

1 comment:

  1. that is good. and I like the idea of cleaning the car. It is a good work out. I may just wash my brothers car for him...x