Tuesday, May 25, 2010


so my next day off is monday i believe i cant wait for its been what 2-3 weeks since ihad a day off and im so exhausted i cant wait for it the only reason ihave off though is cause its a holiday and my work is closed

so ihave a habit of either drinking to much or not driknking enough and passing out form dehrydation isnt much fun at all so i make sure now that i drink more then enough for i dont pass out again

i cant sleep trust me i have tried its so hard soi went today and got me some sleeping pills i didnt want to caus ei know how addicting then can b and i dont need to b addcited to another tihng but i need to get some sleep and some sleep soon

so i went grocery shopping today i got:
*tropical trail mix
*dairy free mint marble ice cream
*peppridge farm light oatmeal bread
*frozen veggies( 2 baxes broccolli, 2 boxes green beans, 1 box mixed veggies)
*box of bran flakes
*box of toasted oates
*applesauce(cranberry raspberry and promgrante)
*spinach nuggets
*veggies protein chicken tenders
*romaine lettuce
*3 cucumbers

food log:
*cup of tea
*bottle of water
*cup dry branflakes
*apple with cinnamon

at work 10-530pm
*liter of water
*vitamin water 0 mixed berry
*half a normal water bottle
*salad(lettuce apple cheese cubes 6 cherry tomatoes with wine vinager dressing)
* cup of popcorn

*few grapes
*3 cheese cubes
*liter of water

snack(ugh fml)

ima try and drink more tonite while im trying to relax and not fall over from exhaustation
i took over 13,000 steps today which burnt 346 cals

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