Sunday, July 10, 2011


sorry taht i havent posted much i really didnt mean to im just working so much and it just slips my mind an di really dont have much to say since my life is spent at work ugh hate retail here is was and ismy schedule


so u seey i havent been around much ive beenat work aloti dk whats going on with my eating so day si eat so lil others i eat almost normally idk what is up with it but i havent had a bowel movemnt in days i hate how fucke dup they are and i wanna take laxs but i cant since im working somuch so ive been eatinmore dairy and food that i cant handle hoping that it will kick in and get all this shit no pun inteneded out of me im gorss and fat and huge an dbloated and so damn uncomfrtale

i do have my new car though yay u ugys are no idea how nice it is istill have to take pics of it for i cant take u guyson a pic tour of it i will do it soon i promise

ok heres the outfit i wore on date nite friday nite iwore ti to get my car and then we wernt o red robin

and here is waht i bought at work today since had an extra 10 bucks its a shurken cardie and a li gauze skirt the ban is rainbow striped just cant c on the pic


  1. Sorry about the digestive hell, that sounds unbearable... you still manage to look gorgeous, though, and I love the new clothes! Hope you feel better and get a day off soon!

  2. Ahh cute outfit as usual! and NEW CLOTHES FTW! Ah so pretty and so cheap too!
    Hope you feel better with your stomach soon - its hell with your mind AND your body.

  3. Love clothes You've bought.
    I cant wait pic tour!
    Keep going Baby,
    Stay Strong