Wednesday, July 13, 2011


i need a life i go to work come home ihavent been to the gym in over a week cuase ijust dont have time isince im working allthe time today i work430-930 i was gonna go to the gym in the moirnng but then i realized if i do an hour of elly then go to work and b on my feet for 5 hours im more then likely gonna pass out or get really dizzy that i do pass out so yeah gonna realz b4 work and hopeuflly get my head all figured out for i can stop eating like a pig

so im back to taking clease pills it wasnt a hole bottle it was just wha ti have left since my bowels are being a bitch and not working on there own nemore an di mean not at all they are barley working with the cleanse pills i really have to get to the stomach specialsit ive been putting it off cause i dont like docs but i know i have to go i will have to research them and find one that takes my insurance and isnt too far away and then sav eup $50 for my copay ugh i hate america and there way with insruance and expensivness its fucking bullshit

sorry i really dont have much to say since all i do is work then go home i did havea few manic moments yesterday at work idk if i just got so bored since the mall is dead and u stand around pretty much doing nuttin for 9 hours that i just went crazy but i got all hyper and spazzy and idk it was werid crashed though and i was back to my depressive just trying to make it thru the day self

i need a new eating plan im eatin gwayt o much junk and food i shoudlnt being eating an dim all bloathed and huge and ew


bones-thanx hun i have off tomm but im babysitting so its not really a day off but its my cousins that i love so much so it will b ok yeah 8 years is a long time worth it though

pixiestix14- its a 2012 ford focus i love it

aly-my sotmach isnt dong better at all it sucks but i deal

black angel-thanx hun i just look at all the clohtes all day at work and just wish i wcouldown themi only get them when they are on sale

anyonous-yeah i know is a long time an diknow my cousins are insane the webiste is all down now well moslty still gotsome things to do yet

mich-lol its nice to know that person is alwasy b there for u and he now smore about me then i do so he calls me out on stuff that i dont realize im d0ing nemore. i have no idea were my meldas are nemore they are prob packed away somewhere and yeah docs are asshats arent they yeah idont have the money top go back to school ugh

americaneagle- i like forever 21 i dont go in there much manly cause thereisnt one at my mall and the closest one is liek 20 mins away so yeah ur so rigth with ur post on my story time post everything is worth fighitn gfor even if ur not sure it is but u have to fight neway just to prove urself u can do it


  1. aw girl, hang in there. ♥
    i don't havea life either, working a few days a week myself but otherwise i just stay in the house surrounded by damn food. i have no friends /;
    but im sorry about how your bowels don't work at all anymore on their own. what is this caused from? ana or lax ?
    stay strong sweetie, always here for you. ♥

  2. I've been eating too much junk as well. It's so hard! it's impossible to find some middle ground--I feel like all I do is pig out on junk or try to survive on nothing but liquids. One day I hope we can just find a way to be happy and love ourselves. <3

    Good luck with the tummy doc!!