Thursday, July 14, 2011


my 5 yr old couisn painted my nails for me today each of t hem is adifferent color my toes are teh same i have to clean them up a lil bit but ima keep it that way ihad a fun time with my 3 lil munchins today palying and running around and jsut being with them they really do make me forget about things

thers a good chance ima relapse i wen to put on a pair of my size 0 shorts today and the button popped off that has never hapopened to me allm y size 0 jeans fit fine even a lil big and its jsut my shorts aht dont fit but ive never been higher then i size 0 i made myself a promsie a long time ago that i would never buy higher and i will keep that promise


  1. awe, your nails are adorable!

  2. how big is a size 0? Ive always wondered. How big are the waist and hips and stuff? Coz I'm in Australia, i think the smallest size shorts I've seen are like 8 or something, and thats too big (thats womens sizes)...

  3. I like the colourful nails! Mine are all chipped right now so maybe I'll redo them tomorrow. . . I think kids are good for our souls-they are so unaffected and profound and full of life.
    Try to not let the numbers get you down-let yourself be what you need to be.

  4. i love spending time with the younger children in my get a sense of delight when your around them. your nails look amazing! good job on her behalf.

  5. I made myself a similar promise: I will never fit anything higher than a 0, but I can buy a 1 or 2 if needed." Coz a lot of times there are no zeros here -__-# I've become a belt-girl :P

    Ps- It's Alice (Kii since I'm not hiding anymore) from "be new:". I've got a new blog coz I'm tired of sugaring my posts that my family has access to.