Sunday, July 17, 2011


fridays outfit

we just went to texa roadhouse on friday i just got the country veg plate u get to pick 4 sides so yeah might b awerid combo but igot apple saugh, fries, seasond rice, and seasonal veggies. theonly thingi ate all of was teh fries ha. the rice portion was like overflowing out of the cup but i like it i can just nibble at 4 differentt hings and it keeps teh boy happy o yeah and also worked 10-7 that day crazy i know

saturdays outift

so i had off of work on saturday i know its a miracle so i cleaned my car hour and 45mins later yup i do it all washi t dry it windows tires but app i didnt do it good enough caus ei missed spots and the boy pointedit out i cant help it it was hot as hell out and it dried to quickly an di cant reach the middle of the roof try to do better next time. i relaxed alil and then went tot he gym first time in like 2 weeks but i did 65mins on elly and burnt 470 cals my legs are hurting today thats what i get for not going for awhile but work got in the way.

we went mini golfing at nite and of course i camin last what else is new but im alwasy offiical score keeper but i dont cheat im a very fair person :) and then we went to applebees after for half price appetizers my tummy didnt like me for that but we did was insidious after i dont get that movie i made it all the way to the end when the dad like astroprojected then i gave in to tmy droopy eyes and slept ali but really id ont get the movie whats so scary bout iti didnt jump or neting i just dont get it mayb someone can explain it to me ugh

so my uncle txte dmy yestertday about the job hes been trying to get me for nearly a year now well not a year mayb 6 months but whatever im just aobut ot giv eup hope cause if he hasnt been able to get me in yet then whats teh point but he txted me said some1 in th billing dept got fired and he reminded his boss about me i just nee da jobout of retail i will wait this week out ifi dont hear nething i will apply to more jobs i here hunterdon medical center is hiring so i will apply there yeahits a lil bit of a drive for me but theres nuttin around me so what am i gonna do

we planned out 2 days of boys vacation hes off for a week again the last week of july so i took 2 days off one day we are going to hersehy we arent trying to get all our friends to go well hes friends mine by default but u know and then the other day its me and him day gonna go to the one bigger mall he wants to look around since our mall sucks and this one is like 3 stories it will prob b crowded and i will go nuts but when i withhimits ok

my eating idk what to think about it nemore i really dont its just all over th eplace and i jsut dk i wanna lose some weigth by thetime we go to the park im 106 lbs right now so i need to lose soemthing at least cause ijust hate that number

on a sad note my neighboy well across the street neighbor hung himself on friday u know how hard it is to walk out the my hose to c hes truck sitting there to look at hes house and to knowu arent going to c him again he was a nice guy he would do nething for neone he had alive in girlfriend a daughter as well and a daughter in florida that he just was getting in connect witha gain he had palns to move done to florida to hes parenst house they were redoing above teh garage for him for an appt yeah him and the liv ein girlfriend we having issues but dont we all but know hes not here and we just found out he has mental issues nuttin wrong with that he stopped taking hes meds its just ugh so hard to think about and then it starts all this other questions adn doubts and my head is just going a mile a minute yeah ive htough bout suicide i willl never ever go thru with it though no matter how low my lows are i would never ever take myself away from the boyand causemy family that pain i cause them enough pain just my living and my eating disorder

so yeah i just rambled there relax time for alil then work 12-630 thers this cute dress iw ant at work and i was waiting for it to go on sale but we jsut got it and its selling quickly so the boy ssaid i should just get it for i have so today iw ll go in and c if they have my size in the color i want hopefullyt hey do if nto i will get a different color


  1. Great dresses :)
    I'm so sorry about your neighbor, things like this are rough, and they really make you examine your own life.

    Have fun in Hershey, and good luck with the job! xx

  2. You look cute! I am really sorry to hear about your neighbor

  3. I'm sorry about your neighbour. That's so sad. :(

    I love your outfits, especially the first one! And that was in intense amount of food. I don't get why restaurants need to serve such enormous potions. No wonder there's so much obesity!!


  4. That is awful news about your neighbour, it does make me think about times I have even contemplated something like that but even at my lowest of lows I know I could not inflict that pain on my family!

    Your outfits are super cute... I particularly love the orange top/dress on Friday!

    Hope you are well today xxx

  5. Hey dear sorry I haven't read in a while cause I haven't been able to get on but I love you dresses your clothes are so cute, and your cars amazing :) well I hope everything goes alright for you and don't dwell on the shorts problem it'll be alright trust you are super thin even if you go up to a one in shorts have a good week, skinnygirl

  6. Wow I'm sorry about your neighbor :( That's so sad! It makes me think about how it would affect the people around me if I went through with something like that.

    Wow! You burned alot in a litto over an hour! Impressed! I need to get my ass out jogging no matter the heat!

  7. I really love your shoes in the first outfit! I'm addicted to buying shoes, luckily Forever 21 has cheap ones. And your legs are perfect, I'm dead serious. Congrats on burning all those calories! I've never tried the elliptical, I'm always afraid I won't be able to figure it out and I'll look stupid. Good luck on the job, your uncle sounds really sweet! I'm really, really sorry to hear about your neighbor, it must be very difficult for you and if you need someone to listen I'm always here for you.