Saturday, July 2, 2011


so its 7:34 am an dive been up for 7 hours and 34 minutes yup u got that right ive been up since midnite i tried to sleep from 8pm-midnite id sleep for like an hour thenmy body would jumpa wake like literally out of bed i stay up for awhile then try again and repeat so needless to say by midnite ive just given up. so ive watched the first 2 episodes of season one of trueblood and yeah im in love wiht it already, did crunches, painted my nails, caught up on some fanifc updates. the boy came over around 2am after the bar gothim mcdonalds i just ate a few fries then me him and hes friend sat outside til like 3:30am then they went home i tried to lay down had my ipod on to try and sleep and yeah as soon as my eyes closed my body jerked me awake gotta love insomnia and sleep depreviation ughit sucks and i gotta work today atleast its only a 4 hour shit i can get thru that.

but neway i still dont have my new car yet ugh frustrated i want it already. but i called the sales perrson yesterday since he was off friday he wasnt at hes desk but he calledme back and let me avoicemail since i was working but the dealership they are getting it from doesnt have it yet its still in shipment he should hav emore info for me on tuesday or even have it for me on tuesday so i want it but since its still in shipment it means its new new and hasnt been sitting on a lot.

o and i got stung by a bee on thursday i was outside wiht my 5 yr old cousin we were doing cartwheels and of course i was the one thatlandedon the bee better me then her thoughi dont want her in pain but the hole stinger was in my hand my aunt was over picking up my 10 year old cousin so she tweezed itout for me but its still irrated and swollen soi keep it covered and since its on my plam its hard so i put a bandaide then wrap water proof mediacl tape aroundmy hand to keep it secure.

me andmy mom are bumping heads alot its like ma im 25 i can take care of myself dont get mad cause i park my car in front of the house and making my bro park somewhere else i got home be him, dont get mad about how i spendmy money, dont get mad and say my boyfriend cant stay over nemore cuase im tired hello im alwasy tired i get my insomnia from u ugh and and ont tell me i cant take my 2 li cousins on
a walk saying i cant handle them im mroe then capable of takign care of them i have been i take care of them more then u do and ur even there with me so shut the fuck up already and leave me alone

ok outfit update have yesterdays and the days b4 todays will b later and i know i still owe u a story for michs award im trying to think about what to write u guys already know my ed story so




camille- no no vitamins ihave a habit of forgetting to take them ihave my flinestone gummies ones i havent taken them in awhile though

calichica- i do explode soemtimes ijust try not to so much

skinnygirl-sleeping pills dont work for me they keep me awake instead of knocking me out

scaredblogger-thanx ais and yeah i'll go tot he doc evenutally when it gets to bad but i hate docs so

bones-idk if im amenic my doc never tested for that me relax now that is just funny lol an dyeah i get anxiety wheni drive im fine around town but once out of town i freak the fuck out

mich- thanx for the award is till have to do a story yet and i will ijuts have to think about what to write about and yes we need an adventure a good one im tired of owkring i need a break

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