Thursday, September 15, 2011


god so u guys hate me im such a bad blogger i know im sorry but im just working so much by the timei get home ijust wanna relax read watch tv do some crunches and thers not muvh to update its alwasy the same thing everyday work being tired dizzy not feeling well fighting with my head getting so tired after crunches i pass out waking up covered in sweat with my heart beating out of my chest its all the same and i dont wanna bore u guys

i have alot of pics for u guys um a sweater that i bought, a mug that im gonna buy, my jury duty outfit my outfit from last week

yup i said jury duty ugh i had to go on wednesday and miss part of work it sucked and my one manger was being a prick about it and he didint leave a note or tell the other managers so they were calling and i was like wtf but i called them back andd tol them and the nice manager was there so it all worked out. but i didnt even c the judge teh group that i was in was the plan b group so we were just in the jury assemlby room were we can use cells and read and even use laptop i didnt know that ori would of bought mine with me but i was there form 10-1230 i just curled up in the chair with my ipod and my book and no it wasnt a comfy chair but i curled up neway they had a lil room with coffee tea vending machine and soda machine everyone was eating im im sitting there just drinking my tea and water with my hands shaking and my head poudning but yeah we got released that wasmy jury duty tale but it sucks i misssed out on 3.5 hours of work i need that money i called when i was leaving and they let me come in and finish my shift and stupid me got lost tryingto get outo f belvidere yes mich i know ur prob gonna laugh at me but i coudltn for the life of me figure out how to to get back on to country road 519 ugh it was crazy adn my gps wasnt working stupid thing but i fianlly foudn it like getting there i was fine but there was a detour and idk i just dk what happend ha but once u geton 519 its just like a 35 min drive back to my town so yeah

but as soon as i got in i saw my amanger gave them my note i was still in my clohtes they are justlike poor dani and the schdule was all messed up cause of me and it wasnt even my fault but t hen the district manager comes in and who does she grill me me of all ppl it was ugh my mangers were like im sorry so sorry but u did good im like i jsut walked in the door

my sis's best friend who is family to us got ina car accidnt the other day some1 rearended her and shes 7 months pregnant they were having issues withthe heartbeat so they did an emerbecny c section but everyone is ok the baby is 2 months early but weighe din at 3 lbs 14 ounces shes so cute and tiny and a percious lil and shes doing better by the day thank god mom is ok shes sore and tired but ok my sis is coming home this wkd from school to b with her she got some1 to cover her friday shift for her at work at school and my bro went and got her after work for seh can spend the wkd with her friend

and u guys have no idea how cold i got today it was bad my hands were freezing and turning blue it was bad i was working of coures since hery its me im always working i was doing my nomral 10-6 shift and 2hoursin i coudlnt take it nemore

i had on jeans, converese, tank top, long sleeve shirt, tshirt, and then a zip up hoodie over top and i was still turning blue but hey i work at old navy so me being so cold and not being able to deal i bought a sweater i foudna clearnace one for $14 its black and white striped so yeah i bought that and put it on and no i ddint take nething else off i took my hoodie off put the sweater overeveyrthing else i had on already and then put my hoodie back on eveyrone was looking at me like im nuts but as soon as they fle tmy hands and how icey cold they were they were just like omg shocked

i dont think ppl understand how sick i am and how it affects my body is different ways u know like my moms friens will c me idk outside or walking or just getting in my car and they will tell my mom how i never look happy how im grumpy andshe just says shes sick shes never feleing good shes alwasy feeling bad

and i just wanna like yell like if u flet like i felt everyday how woudl u act u know

k pic time

my mug and my new hair i dyed it its black on top and red on the bottom the red is alot brighter then it shows int he pic o and the sweater i bought today

jury duty outfit

sat nite outfit we went and saw contagin we didnt go out to eat cause he said it was pointless to spend money on food that i cant eat and that if i do eat it its just gonna make me sick so yeah i started out withe boots on he liked the boots and the skirt he jsut didnt like the together if that makes ne sense so i cahanged to the flats

and idk know my weight can some1 pelase tell me how i look i fi look ok or gross or flat or huge ro do i still look the same 100 lbs self i was over a month ago idk


  1. I personally, think you look great. Those outfits are really cute as well. I also, on the last outfit, like the boots better. ^_^ But I'm in love with boots.
    You look great!

  2. OMG you must be like 95lbs or something. Your legs are SO THIN! i'm a bit hyper right now, I think I've had too many black coffees today...
    I love the hair colour ! I love red, so I think red is brilliant on hair :D

  3. I love your hair, mug, and sweater! It's quite lovely. :)
    I'm sorry to hear things are rough. I think they would get better if you recovered. You are so tiny. Please take care of yourself.

  4. Not a bad blogger atall, just busy!

    You look great in those photos, not even a little bit gross. xx

  5. Gorgeous hair! And you look tiny! Less than 100 pounds if I'm being honest.