Friday, September 30, 2011


does neone know nething about computers please if u do help me im on my bros right now and i have to use the downstiars one when no1 is home for i can go on ehre and my site and sd it suchs not having a computer

but back to my issues um lets c it was fine wednesday morning b4 work nuttin seemed wrong i have an HP i never turn it off unless to restart it to do the updates when im done wiht it i just close it and it goes to sleep its usually alwasy plugged in as well sometimes i unplug it cuase of the rain cause my ceiling leaks but it smonlsty plugged in well i went to go on it yesterday morining i plugged itin the nite b4 cause iw as gonna go on but never got to it and it poured if u live in new jersey u know what i mean it poured poured and mine ceiling leaks but everything else that was plugged into the electric cord thing is fine but neway i went to go on it yesterday and nuttin its on but the screen stays black i turned it off multiple times still same thing turns on no screen i turned it off kept the battery out all day got home from work nearly 9 hours later tried it still nuttin bro researched tried different things taking battery out plugging it in turning it on, hittting the shift key, holding the power button for 40 seconds, hitting f5 and even putting a fan out it for ahile just in case it was over heated and nuttin it still turns on but the screen still stays black so does neone have ne idea what coudl b wrong with it and ne idea how i can fix it its only 2 yrs old.

so right now im on my bros hes lets me power it when hes not using it and hes at work and im not ause i have my follow up gastro appt and an eye doc appt and i go onthe downstairs one when no one is home cause privacy sucks in this place everyone is alwasy looking over ur shoulder ugh

im still sick i still get alot of pain im still weak i still get tired im doing close to 2000 crucnhes a day a move as much as i can at work i weven walk in palce at home to tire to me out it help me sleeps some but im still up by 5am yeah fun times there the boy thinks im nuts i tell him i walk in palce at home hes like y dont u just go tot he gym after work but i cant the gym is to busy by then so he gets that u know

i cant wera bras nemore they hurt and they dont fit nemore nemore so i bought a shit ton os camis with teh built in bra so i wear those the boy says i have to eat more and i have been but it just hurts hurts hurts so much

i snuck into mas room today while she wasnt home weighed myself 103 with wet hair and towel 102 with out towel but still wet hair so howmuch weight does wet hair add i was just otu of the shower it was soaked and its just under my shoulders so im guessing im around 100-101 lbs god i want double digits so bad

i have a good pic of my back but its on my phone and i cant get it off of it sicne i dont have my laptop so ugh

but i got my ahir cut the other day got 2 inches cut off layers int he back angles int he front and my bangs thicker i alwasy get a lecture wheni go cause i dont like to go much i hate the mirrors and the attention its ugh shes like ur hairs so dry u need a deep conditoning and different products yeah lik i have the money for that shes like u shoudl get a cut like every 6 monnths instead of once a year yeah if u say so

i finished reading "passion" lauren kate and "these things hidden" heather gudenkauf

im currently reading " the legend of sleepy hollow" and " the girls guide to homelessness" i recommen then both and the other 2 as well

i will try and get on later to give u update on teh doc appt and eye doc appti treid to read some of ur blogs but u know my computer issues are gonna severly lack me ugh


  1. Yeah I go to school in poughkeepsie and it has been raining non-stop. Today is the first kinda nice day in a while...And wow 101? That is sooo great! Your new haircut sounds absolutely adorable!!! I should be reading more but I just dont have the time to/ reading isnt the first thing I think to do when I am bored but I will prob start reading more soon :)

    I would LOVE to see pictures; I am sure you look really skinny xoxo

  2. Hope you get the computer issues sorted out! I'm rubbish with technology, so I'm no help there...

    102 is still pretty tiny, miss. <3

    Loreal makes this shampoo and conditioner called Everpure--they don't have a lot of the chemicals that are in normal shampoos so they're much easier on your hair, and they're not that expensive. I used it most of the time, and I think it stops my hair from falling out even more than it already is.