Saturday, September 24, 2011


what do u guys think?

me and the boy talked last nite. he said that i had to keep on top of the doc make him find out whats wrong cause the pain im in isnt right and i cant live like that nemore. which he is right i know hes right and he said if i can get alil better not ever all the way better just a lil or even just meds to help with all the pain im in were will go on a real vacation next year just me and him we talked bout it going cross country to california san diego to b exact we are gonna talk bout it more and hopefully figure things out

he keeps saying im malnourished idk im eating idk nething nemore ntutin shows up so idk what to think some1 help me figure this out im getting sharp stabbing pains right under my ribs on right side then in the middle of stomach then just in my ribs in general its so bad that i double over in pain and like gasp cause its a shock.

he also told me not to stress bout the job thing i have a job that i get hours in that pays the bills so i shoudlnt stress bout finding a new one.. i was only stressing cause of the insruance thing cause im getting kicked of fmy parents in january when i turn 26. but when i was at the hospital for my test the lady gave me a paper bout how u can come talk to them if ur under insured or not insured at all and they can give u options c what u quailfy for either meidcaid charity care family care i know its the state paying for but if i do that if will help me alot i wont have th epressure of finding a full time job with benefits by january so thats a good thing

i gotta get to the gym soon im disguisted with myself bout what i ate already today but im waiting for my phone to charge and im drinking water cuase i know im dehyradted hence my salt addcition

o my lil cousin turned one on the 20th hes party is the first of october this is what i got him yes i spoil the munchkins what can i say


  1. I think your body looks really good and hell aren't we all a little malnurished here. You could just try to take vitamins everyday if you don't already. =)
    Oh!! you could try some Kale. That is the most nutritious leafy green there is. It's tough so you'll have to boil or steam it. Or you can just cut it up into little pieces throw some chopped up almonds on it with some fat free dressing and it's Amazing! and very low in caloires yet VERY nutritious.

    I hope everything starts getting better for you. =)

  2. Lurv the outfit. You have SUCH an awesome body. :) Thigh gap thigh gap. Wowwow. Xo Xo

  3. I LOVE buying clothes for little kids! It's so fun, all the clothes are so cute. :)

    I hope they can figure out what's causing the pain. Sounds like you need Dr. House... You might be malnourished, but I wouldn't think that would be the cause of such severe pain.

    A friend of mine managed to stay on her mother's insurance after she turned 26--since she had like an established health problem that needed lots of meds and doctors, and she had no money at the time, she filled out some forms or something and was able to stay on. I'll ask her how she did it and get back to you....

    <3 your outfit--you are so skinny!!


  4. Dani, you look great. I really do hope the doctors can figure out why you're in so much pain all the time; it just isn't right. xx

  5. You look great in the picture, I'm so jealous of your legs, sigh, I'm so short so no matter what I never like my legs. I think a vacation with you and your bf would be really good for you. I know for me sometimes just a change of scenery, getting away from the day to day is like a breath of fresh air. Is the green dragon from Pete's Dragon? Cute gifts, you're so thoughtful!