Thursday, September 8, 2011

egd test

ok so i know u guys wanna hear all about this and iw ill tell u everything i will even type out the pages he gave me well its page and half an dihave pics woo but idk if u guys wanna c those but i'll take a pic of the paper with my phone and post it just in case neone is curious.

ok so arrived at the place about 7am u cant eat or drink nething after midnite when u get this test its called an egd-"Esophagogastroduodenoscopy is an examination of the lining of the esophagus, stomach, and upper duodenum with a small camera (flexible endoscope) which is inserted down the throat."

i tihnk the doc was running late cause i didnt acutally get the test done til like 8:15am but its ok its been raining alot and things are flooding and roads are closed so its all good

but neway they take u back tot eh procedure room and first thing they do is make u pee in a cup(im not pregnant by the way not that i was worried but i guess thats what they are testing). they they brin gu over to the bed make u sign a consent from u have to wear a tshit i worse yoga pants converse thsirt and sweatshirt but took sweat shirt off then u get a gown to put on but as long as u wear a tshit u just put it over ur clohtes. they ask u alot an di mean alot of guestions wweight height surgreys kidney liver disease heart problems every question in the sun everything when the nurse asked my weight she guessed 92 but i said 100 cuase thats what i was last time i was weighed and height of 5'5 they were all concerened about my high blood perssure and cholestrol buts its genetic cant do nething about that she just told me to becareufl and watch for signs my temp was 99.5 even though i was freezing but they ask if ur ok ne pain discomfort all that they were all very nice and warm and welcoming made u feel right at home and at ease which is great i dont have many good experiences with nice ppl but i like it. they all kept telling me how tiny and small i was and young adn they werent use to young and so tiny ppl i just smiled im like yeah ok whatever u say but nething they put an iv oin ur rigth arm rigth by ur elbow they take ur blood pressure(which of course mine was high) and they put the heart monitor thing on ur one finger. since teh doc was running late they gave me 2 blankets since i was slo cold.

but they wheel u in the room with the assistant and drug lady that knocks u out they put the blood pressure back on and the finger heart monitor as well and they put 3 heart monitor stick pads one on ur right arm and then 2 on left arm and u hear ur heart beat well not really just the beep of the machine mine would b fine then get fast go back to fine fast again ha funny i know and u get oxygen in ur nose as well they ask u more and more questions too but when doc is ready u lay on ur left side and they put this yellow semi soft block behind u to stay in place and u have to bite on this thing it keeps ur mouth open then they give u drugs thats all i remember cuase ur not awake at all for the test but they put a long tube when camera on end down ur throat

but u wake up back in the nomral room and they gave me juice like 2 cups at least they were small ones i drank them u know i work up dizzy and shit u will b alil out of it and un steady for awhile but then the doc comes to talk to u gives u the papers and says what he finds and all that its not scary at all trust me.

he took alot of tissue samples though he said to try and rule out infection and malnoursihment wont find those results out for a week but i dont have ne ulcers so thats good but i need to have a disida scan with cck done they are thinkng like really thinking gallbladder disease and that test will show it i made an appt for that i got sept 19th at 7am its a 2 hour test hes pissed at my cardiologist though even though all my test for that came back clear hes still tihnking i should of been given a heart monitor so i guess when i c him again in 3 weeks we will talk about that he said if u get to dizzy still and fainting and palpiations i want u on that its so nice to have a doc that cares it really is.

the day of ur test ur not allowed to do nehting no driving for 24 hours, no making important decisions or sign papers for 24 hours, limit activites for 24 hours no sports heavy work or healvy lifting(they told me not to lift my cousins the lil ones i lifted them neway) but u can return to all the normal stuff the next day.

but as of right now im on a special diet have to stay away from fatty food ive been diangosed with gerd and mild esophagitis so yeah but now ima type out the forms they gave me afterwards and i will attach the pics as well if u dont like them sorry but figured some ppl woudl want to c them.

heres the forms then

the 25 year old women is undergoing upper endoscopy for assesment of abdominal pain, longstanding gerd and weight lose

physcial exam:
*vital signs- stable patient is afebrile
*lungs-clear to auscultation
*cardio-rate is regular rhytm is regular no heart mumur appreciated no clicks, gallors or rubs
*abdomen- is soft, nontender, and nondistended
*neuro-alert and oriented x3


egd with biopsy

cosent-wont type that out obv gave consent since had it done

technique- while in the left lateral decubitus position(laying on left side), the patient was adequatley sedated by the anesthesiologist. the scope was passed under direct visualization to the seond and third portion of the duodenum. upon with drawal of the scope, all of the walls of the uper intestinal trace were evaluated as well as possible. patient tolerated proceudre well and was tranferred to recovery area in stable condition.


*esophagus- mild esophagitis noted. lower esophagus is somewhat patulous(dk what that means need to google it) biopsies taken. no evidence of barrett's esophagus.
*antrum/angularies- erythema noted bioposies taken for evaluation of h. pylori
*body- mucosa appears normal
*retroflexion- cardia and fundus appeared normal
*pylorus- symmetric and easily entered
*duodenal bulb- within normal limits
*duodenum- 2nd portion of duodenum appeared within normal limits biopsies taken from third part of duodenum for evulation of villous atrophy and gluten enteropathy

*essentailly normal study
*antral erythema noted cannot rule out gastritis with h. pylori
8further evaluation will be needed to exclude biliary tract disease

*check biopsy
*continue reflux precautions and diet
*fruther evaluation will be done with disida scan w cck

yes i knwo half of that doesnt make snes but i figured u guys would b interesting neway they help u walk out like nurse holds u but really im so use to being dizzy that it wasnt nething new to meu know

k pics


  1. Sounds like quite an ordeal. Hope the results are good! xx

  2. That sounds quite a procedure to go through. I understand most of it (thank gosh for wanting to be a doctor haha).
    It is nice having a doctor who actually cares, I completely agree. xx

  3. I had one of those tests, when they were checking for celiacs. (You're being tested for that, too, apparently!) It's kinda neat to see your own insides.

    esophagitis = inflammation of the inner throat
    patulous = something like "gaping" or stretched...
    barrett's esophagus = damaged by stomach acid
    erythema = redness from irritation
    villous atrophy = damage to intestinal lining, cause by celiac sprue
    gastritis = stomach lining inflamed (from a bacteria)
    biliary tract disease = problem with gallbladder, usually gallstone blockage

    Hope that helps? :)

  4. to answer your question, everything lol, diet pills, clothes, candy, cds, a tv series, jewlery, makeup, perfume I regret it and i honest to god didn't want to take the stuff, but it's like the addiction to an eating disorder I started and the adrenaline was crazy and I couldn't stop so I started taking things really obviously and got caught and I haven't even been tempted since. I'm sorry I haven't been able to read and comment much I haven't had internet but ill catch up soon hope your doing well :D

  5. Having a patulous esophagus implies that your esoph isn't staying as closed as it's supposed to.

  6. Hey pet! I just have to run out the door, but I'm going to catch up on all your blogging tonight. X

  7. Sounds like a long day of doctors! Hope you're feeling ok. At least they're really trying to find out what's wrong now. Sounds like you finally found a competent doctor. <3